• The Pickle Factory
  • Saturday 24th Jul 2021
  • 22:00 - 06:00
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Boudica: Tasha, Samantha Togni, Lewis G Burton, MarcelDune, Anabel Arroyo, SØRAYA

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Boudica is a London based label and party exploring the darker and hedonistic side of electronic music, run by women and non-binary folk. We are aiming to give visibility to female and non-binary artists and provide a safe space for their guests and allies. Sexism, homophobia, transphobia and racism won't be tolerated.

TASHA With her own record label Neighbourhood, techno parties and a Rinse FM residency, Tasha is no stranger to the London techno scene. Featuring alongside heavyweights such as Hauff and Blawan, her selections have seen her earn spots on a wide range of diverse lineups at some of London's top spots and further afield.

LEWIS G BURTON Lewis G. Burton is an internationally renowned DJ, performance artist, curator and activist. They have been at the forefront of London’s underground queer scene for nearly 10 years nurturing the next generation of trans revolutionaries, queer techno goths, club kids and drag queens. The run queer techno rave come contemporary art platform INFERNO.

SAMANTHA TOGNI Artists need to be interdisciplinary. In the case of Samantha Togni, the Italian DJ, producer and promoter is the word 'interdisciplinary' personified. Founder of the Boudica platform for women and non-binary folk in techno, Samantha curates a monthly radio show on Threads of the same name, in tandem with promoting Boudica events at Pickle Factory, where she invites established and upcoming artists to soundtrack the intimate space. Recently signed to RAW agency, this milestone marks a turning point for Samantha. To signify the next step in her path, she is set to release an EP on the RAW imprint in 2022 and contribute to its forthcoming VA with a searing track in the pipeline.

MARCELDUNE MarcelDune is an experimental electronic music artist based in London, UK from Athens, Greece. Her music is created by combining modular synthesizers with analog & digital sounds in addition to field recordings.

ANABEL ARROYO Originally hailing from Spain where she has a residency at Crow Techno Club Madrid, Anabel Arroyo has established her presence as a powerhouse on the underground techno scene. Now based in London where she is a regular at parties and the newest resident of FOLD. In 2019 she released her first blistering production with Emphatic Records. This year she’ll continue releasing music with labels LNDN WHT and Fluctual Records, as well as LABURNUM Records where she will deliver an EP which includes a remix from Cassie Raptor and a VA compilation with artists like CLTX, Neagles, Bunkerterror and Coqman.


SØRAYA is a London-based techno DJ. Fresh on the scene, her sets are driven by the motivation to unite the dance floor, with fast-paced hypnotic techno, that encourages you to leave your inhibitions at the door, and lose yourself in the moment.



Samantha Togni

Lewis G. Burton


Anabel Arroyo


This event is 18+, Please bring ID