Elsa Hewitt - Album Launch

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London-based electronic, experimental and avant-garde songwriter and producer Elsa Hewitt comes to The Pickle Factory for the live debut of her latest album, LUPA. Self-released on her own imprint ERH in April 2021, a vinyl release on Tompkins Square is set to arrive in time for the launch on October 1st.

LUPA gracefully flows through the light and the dark. Jazzy chords, improvised vocals, and skipping beats all come together in a swirling, flow of consciousness soundscape that shifts seamlessly through emotions. Listening through LUPA is a cathartic experience, and a comforting escape from the chaos and turbulence of the world.

Earth Cruises donates 10% of profit from all shows to carefully selected causes. Elsa Hewitt has chosen Client Earth, an environmental charity that uses the law to create powerful change that protects life on Earth.

Please bring ID, 18+