• The Pickle Factory
  • Sunday 28th Oct 2018
  • 19:30 - 22:30
  • Facebook Event

NYX: electronic drone choir with Hatis Noit

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Erased Tapes Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit joins NYX: electronic drone choir in the first of a 4-part series of unique holistic electronic music meditations. For this event, NYX will compose and improvise ambient sonic landscapes punctuated with acoustic glitching, polyphonic overtone and ambient textures in response to Hatis Noit’s music that at once deconstruct and recombine Western Classical, Japanese folk and nature’s own ambient atmosphere.

The name Hatis Noit itself is taken from Japanese folklore, meaning the stem of the lotus flower. The lotus represents the living world, while its root the spirit world, therefore Hatis Noit is what connects the two. For Hatis Noit, music represents the same netherworld with its ability to move and transport us to the other side; the past, a memory, our subconscious.

NYX is an electronic drone choir amplifying mindful experiences, psycho-acoustics and sound healing through an immersive exploration of ambient, noise and electronic music. Over the series, NYX has invited each collaborator to perform in a deep listening space, replacing digital instruments and field recordings with collective female modulated or organic voice, improvising new material, interacting with original NYX compositions and together, creating a euphoric collective experience for audiences.

Support: Wild Adoration

Hailing from London, Wild Adoration emerges half-formed from an ether of deep blue atmospheres. Her sound veers towards brooding electronic productions mixed with a smoked-out blue hue. Think Laurie Anderson meets FKA Twigs and Andy Stott for a seance with HTRK at Tricky’s gaff circa Pre-Millennium Tension.

Influenced by jazz, ambient, techno and electronic music, she writes and sings about society vices and demons echoing human nature weaknesses, hopes and inner dilemma.

Her EP1 was released by New Atlantis in June 2018.

Her EP1 was released by New Atlantis in June 2018.

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There are a limited amount of series passes available here.

NYX is made with support by Arts Council England, commune, Ableton, The Pickle Factory and The Quietus.

NYX is a collaborative project between Sian O’Gorman, Philippa Neels and Joshua Thomas.