Oval Space with DJ Stingray, Goldie, Giant Swan Live, Very Special Guest

DJ Stingray is a menacing node in the vast tangle of electronic music's history, present, and future. He propagates a seer-like, totalising concept of what it is to be engaged in thinking ahead by making people move. His sets see him interrogate a broad palate of influences as a highly in-demand DJ, swerving between stylistic lanes on the Aquabahn. The supporting cast he’s picked for July 12th is a testament to that.

Joining a champion of Detroit industry will be the man with a metal head: Goldie, an underground hero like no other. With over 25 years experience, his reputation is cast in iron as one of the UK’s most Timeless musical exports. Expect sparks to fly.

Adding to these two giants of the game will be a pair of newer acts satiating modern dancefloors’ need for speed. Few have taken the scene by storm like Giant Swan, a duo marshalling barely-controlled chaos through a thicket of machines, pedals and microphones. Rounding off the bill, a genre-agnostic, Very Special Guest who we'll be announcing at the start of June.