Goodness: Stenny, Metrist/L.SAE & Katiusha

Following their last sell-out party with Simo Cell and Laksa, Goodness are joined by;

Stenny [ Ilian Tape ]

Joining us all the way from Munich city is Ilian Tape stalwart Stenny. Helping to build up the Munich label to its seminal status, his productions include big kicks, dreamy leads and nods to UK Hardcore and IDM. We're very lucky to have him down.


Metrist L.SAE [ Fifth Wall, Opal Tapes, Timedance ]

Brighton-based Metrist/L.SAE brings a mixture of broken beats, 4/4 and a fair share of abbrasive, oddball techno. Curator of the now-defunct Zallogut party at Brighton's Patterns, Metrist's mind-shattering productions continue to impress (check out his latest release 12" out on Neighbourhood - TIP) whilst his capacity as DJ and sound artist have seen him tour the UK and Europe.


Katiusha [ Patchwork Oxford, Hiraeth ]

Boss of the successful Patchwork events series at The Cellar [Oxford], rising-star Katiusha joins us from her new home of Berlin.